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Osipovichi Regional Executive Committee
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For Our Guests

The Osipovichi district is one of the most picturesque corner of Belarus. It is located on the south-west of the Mogilev region within the Central Berezina plain. The relief is flat with a small rise in the West. Forest occupies 60 % of the district, agricultural lands - 29 %, reservoirs – 2 % and bogs – 2 %.

20 rivers run through the territory of the district, including 3 large:

The total area is 1,95 thousand square km. The population of the district (on 01.01.2009) is 51,6 thousand people, 33,6 thousand people are urban dwellers. The Osipovichi district borders upon the Bobruisk, Glusk, Klichev districts of the Mogilev region and upon the Berezino, Pukhovichi, Starye dorogi, Cherven districts of the Minsk region.

Natural resources include clay, construction sand, clay, sapropel.

There are 157 settlements, including a town of Osipovichi (the centre of the district), the work settlements (Tatarka and Yelizovo) and 154 villages in 10 village councils:

Vyazyevo – 22
Doroganovo -14
Drichin - 10
Grodzyansk - 11
Korytno - 8
Lapichi - 26
Lipen - 14
Protosevichi - 22
Svisloch - 13
Yasen - 14