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Osipovichi Region Executive Committee
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Companies of the region

Osipovichi automobile units plant

Founded in 1963
Average staff: 2,959 people
Main products: aluminum castings of MAZ components;
Aluminum wheel plates;
Landing gears for semitrailers;
Fiberglass products;
Foamed polyurethane products.

Address: 1 Proyektiruemaya Street,  Osipovichi, Mogilev oblast, 213760.
Phone: 8-(02235)- 26760;
Fax: 8-(02235)- 22856
e-mail: omar.ozaa@bk.ru
director: Evgeni Shurankov
For additional information please visit http://www.ozaa.by

Krovlya joint-stock company

Founded in 1972
Average staff: 157 people
Main products: bituminous and polymer for roofing and waterproofing:

Carton-based asphalt roofing materials;

Roofing felt;
Bituminous and polymer grout.

Address: 11 Chapaeva Street, Osipovichi, Mogilev oblast, 213760.
Phone: 8-8-(02235)-22190, 22477,
fax: 8-(02235)-24002
E-mail: krovlya@brm.by
Director: Vitaly Sokolov

Elizovo glass factory

Founded: 1912
Average headcount of staff: 628 people
Main products: glass jars with a capacity from 0.25 to 3 liters: bottle with a capacity from 0.5 to 0.75 liters.

Address: 6 Kalinina Street 213760 Elizovo village, Osipovichi region, Mogilev oblast.
Phone/fax: 24310; 36356.
e-mail: elizovo@tut.by
Director: Vyacheslav Rybak

Osipovichi branch of Bobruisk Bakery

Founded in 1969
Average staff: 204 people

Main products: wheat flour, rye flour, oat flour, barley and oat groats, compound feedstaff.

Address: 89 Kalinina Street, Osipovichi, Mogilev oblast, 213760.
Phone/fax: 8-(02235)-24298
e-mail: opubkhp@mail.ru
Director: Alexander Bobrov

Osipovichi Dairy

Founded in 1978
Average staff: 312 people

Main products: fermented milk products; butter; cottage cheese; chocolate cover; skimmed milk powder; hard cheese.

Address: 53A Yubileinaya Street, Osipovichi, Mogilev oblast, 213760.
Phone: 8-(02235)-24488, 26721;
Fax: 8-(02235)-26915
e-mail: osip.mol@mail.rumarketingomk@mail.ru
Director: Vasily Krupenko

Osipovichi Bakery

Founded in 1953
Average staff: 134 people
Main products: bread and flour products; pastry; dry breakfast cereals; extrusion-type flour; whole milk surrogate.

Address: 34 Kozlovskaya Street, Osipovichi, Mogilev oblast, 213760.
Phone/fax: 8-(02235)-22832
e-mail: ohleb@tut.by
Director: Vasily Zhurov


Founded in 1993

Average staff: 84 people

Main products: covering and dessert fillings for foodstuffs, confectionary

Address: 72 Kommunisticheskaya Street, Osipovichi, Mogilev oblast, 213760.
Phone/fax: 8-(02235)-24824
E-mail: belga@tut.by
Director: Vladimir Antipin
For additional information please visit http://www.belga.by

Osipovichi reinforced concrete frame plant

Founded in 1974
Average staff: 327 people
Main products: reinforced concrete frames and products; unreinforced concrete products;
Concrete and silicate blocks;
Mixed concrete;
Dry construction mixtures.

Address: 15 Pototskogo Street, Osipovichi, Mogilev oblast, 213760.
Phone:  8-(02235)-26930, 64251;
fax: 8-(02-235)-2-09-40
E-mail: Belrw-dst-ojbk@yandex.ru
Director: Viktor Kakora
For additional information please visit http://www.ozjbk.narod.ru


Founded in 1929
Average staff: 97 people
Main products:
Lump peat;
Fuel peat for thermal power plants ;
Rich soils.

Address: 4 Leninskaya Street, Tatarka village, Mogilev oblast, 213740.

Phone: 8-(02235)-40555
E-mail: tatarka_by@tut.by
Director: Valery Gormash

State Experimental Forestry Enterprise

Osipovichi Experimental Forestry

The year of founding  - 1936
The average number of employees – 580

Our products:

Round timber;
Edge-surfaced lumber, unedged timber, dry-end production, hewed timber;
Rounded log;
Seedlings of ornamental plants;
Seedlings of hardwood and coniferous species;
Minor products (mushrooms, berries, birch syrup, bath massage twigs, brooms);
Crude drugs.

Address: 12 Proektiruemaya Street, Osipovichi, Mogilev oblast, 213760, Belarus

Phone/fax: 8 – (02-235)- 2-30-31
E-mail: lesxoz@tut.by
Director: Nikolai Ravbel
For more information please visit www.lesxoz.com